5 Upcoming Home Technology You Should Know

Today’s guest post is from Ella at inmykitchen.org. She shares with us the 5 upcoming home technologies you should have in 2016. I see a list of these that I should already have but don’t, do you?
Nest Learning ThermostatDo you want to make your home smarter? Well, I have compiled a list of some smart home devices/products that let you control what’s happening in your home even when you are not in the house or are in another room. Here are my favorite smart gadgets and systems that you can try.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the best smart home tech devices I have come across. It has a sleek design, easy to use and works perfectly well with nest program that integrates it with other products. It replaces your regular heating thermostat. It knows when you are in the house, your everyday routine and will ensure your home is always in the perfect temperature for you. The nest learning thermostat allows you change your heating from anywhere with a simple mobile app. This saves you lots of money spend on bills.

Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are some of the straightforward kitchen tools to use in the kitchen. Simply put some meat, vegetables and stock in and leave it to cook slowly. Come back to it at dinner time and your food is ready to be served. The Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker is a smart phone controllable slow cooker. You can easily adjust the crock pots setting from anywhere; adjust the cooking temperature, change the cook time or check how well your dish is cooked so that you come home to a perfect meal through the Android smartphone app or WeMo iOS.

Sleep Number c2 Bed

Sleep Number c2 BedDid you think fitness trackers where you’re best sleep monitors? Think again, there’s a new technology. The sleep number c2 bed has sleep IQ monitors which monitor the way you sleep all through the night by tracking your breathing, movement and heart rate. With that information, it will provide you with data on how to improve the quality of your sleep and get some better quality sleep every night. With the easy to adjust mattress, both you and your partner can change every side of the bed for a comfortable night sleep. Plus, don’t forget to pick the right pillow to go with your bed for the perfect sleep.

Quirky Aros Air Conditioner

When you get home and find your house temperatures are extremely high, the first thing you do is switch your AC to the lowest temperature and the highest speed. But did you know that this escalates your electricity bill? With this smart air conditioner, through an iOS or Android Wink app, switch on this AC to a lower temperature and your home temperatures will slowly be cooled before you actually get home. Still, it can learn your routines and preferred home temperatures and it will adjust itself accordingly without you necessarily turning it on.

WallyHome Water Monitor

Most of the time, by the time you realize that there is a water leak in your home, it’s usually going to cost you so much to have it repaired. The WallyHome Water Monitor assists you to detect those leaks before they can get serious. Simply connect its sensors to the water prone areas such as the toilets and sinks. This way, if a drop of water falls, an immediate alert is sent to your water monitor. Keep a close watch on your home 24/7 with this simple device which allows you to set your own devices.

Here Are The Pros And Cons Of Using XML With ASP,XSL And DOM

xmlXML is a markup language that was first invented as a means of conveying and displaying data individually on any software. Its major aim was to let properly structured documents to be viewed on the internet consistently despite the browser in use.

XML is much powerful that HTML as it’s more flexible. HTML offers and actually predefines stringent tags for data. For instance, title should always remain within the title tag and body elements should remain within the body tag etc.

On the other hand, XML lets you create your own tags as it gives specifications the standards in which you can elaborate your tags. This means that you make use of any type of description you would like to name your tags or containers. You can as well define as many languages as you would like with reference to the standards that are specified by XML, and so we can conclude that XML is similar to a meta-mark-up language.

Pros of XML

• XML has awesome compression abilities that are much better than HTML. This gives XML an edge in streaming of data.
• XML provides much better facilities for browser performance and presentation
• Since XML has great hypertext linking abilities, information on XML is richer and vibrant.
• One is able use their one mark-up elements and you can as well mark up tags on the fly that were not in existence previously

Cons of XML

• XML is not totally developed to provide total freedom when doing any programming activities through full standards compliance. Although XSLT and XSL are in the right direction, they are far from getting into the right state.
• XML can sometimes be too large which is why in web services, JSON is the preferred choice
• XML has problems with Hypertext Transfer Protocol(XML-HTTP)
Generally, XML is a much more developed form of working with information. But if you will be creating XML based web applications, it’s vital that you understand the challenges that may affect any XML server performance. For instance, the type of data, the attributes to elements, the ratio of tags to text and the level of waste white space all have an impact on the performance of XML servers.
Another great thing with XML is the incorporation of DOM from Microsoft. DOM (Document Object Model) is an excellent tool that is used in loading and parsing XML files. DOM is an excellent way to collect information, move through your files and manipulate files.
It’s also a great way to work with your XML file in a specific way to create and display XML documents using codes such as visual basic and ASP. In addition, one can as well use XML VB tool like Liquid XML Visual Basic and MSMXL to assist in parsing, editing and creating your VB from your XML.

Tips For Becoming A Successful Freelance Programmer

programmer workingAre you are programmer who is looking to become a freelancer? In this article, we will guide you on how to become not only a programmer but a successful one. Though freelancing is one of the most uncertain careers, if you do your job well, and love working independently, then this is a great option for you.

Create your online CV

When clients are searching for a freelance programmer, they always check your experience in your field of work. It’s a great idea to update your online CV, detailing projects that you have worked on before. This helps to create credibility on your part which will help you get jobs. If you do a job well, your clients will recommend you to other people.

Always update your skills

As a programmer, things keep changing in the programming world and you need to keep updating your skills to stay on top of the game. Take up new programming courses and be willing to be a student always who is constantly trying to improve their programming skills. To ensure you remain relevant, we cannot overemphasize the importance of gaining new knowledge.

Bid reasonably and always give a job your best shot

When bidding for jobs online, be reasonable with bids especially if you are starting out. Once you win a job, put your best foot forward and give the client your absolute best. The clients will appreciate and leave wonderful reviews. When you have got enough reviews, you can raise your bid. But till then, just go slow on the price!

Know what you are doing

Since you are a programmer, I will assume you do not need any explanations on how to learn computer programming. However, you should be qualified and have some basic experience in programming. You will also need to have a mastery of more than 4 core programming languages. Decide the domains you would like to work in and then be on the lookout for jobs on those.

Work in the Open Source Software Field

One of the best ways of creating contacts in the programming world and gaining trust is to program for the open source movement and offer your software for free. This goes a long way in advertising your expertise and gaining credibility as a programmer.

Advertise and market your services to the right people

Create an online homepage and advertise your services through sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Ask people you have worked with before to give testimonials about your services.

Keep looking for sites that are specifically for freelance programmers

There are lots of online sites that are looking for outsourced programming jobs. Regularly looking and bidding for projects that you qualify for will help you land a job in the world of online freelancing as a programmer. Never take a job unless you are 100% you can deliver excellent results. There is nothing as bad as leaving a job unfinished because somehow you do not have the set skills to work on it. Always adhere to deadlines and meet all the job requirements.

Do you like coding? Learn about programming languages suitable for beginners

programmingWe are living in a technological world where almost everything relies on technology from service rendering to production. This is why there is so much advancement in technology with numerous tech gurus coming up with new ways of doing things with each passing day. Software development has been one area that is attracting many when it comes to technology as we can all see new software being introduced from time to time. If you are a tech enthusiast and you admire coding, the best way to learn how to code is to familiarize yourself with several programming languages. Here are five programming languages that are easy to pick up on your way to coding:


Oracle’s java is one of the longest standing and influential programming languages. You can find java at the core of all applications and offline, on all platforms, operating systems, and even devices. It is a deeply featured class-based and object oriented programming language that is portable and works on as many programs as possible. This makes it one of the most popular programming languages in the world and this makes it incredibly valuable to learn if you are interested in programming.


This is a dynamic, object oriented, and open source programming language that was developed back in the 1990’s. This makes it one of the youngest but it is one of the best. It was designed with an aim of having syntax that was easy to read and write by mere humans without necessarily having to read massive base of commands and specialized vocabulary to get started. While the language itself is subject oriented, it also supports functional, procedural, and imperative programming, which is one of the factors that make it remarkably flexible.



This language was developed in the 80’s by Guido Van Rossum who then handed it over to non-profit python software foundation which serves as the language’s administrator. This language is open source and free to use even for commercial applications. Python programming language is often used and preferred to as a scripting language as it allows programmers to churn out large quantities of functional and readable code in a short period of time.



This is another of the world’s most popular programming language and it is still in wide use today in everything from video games to productivity software. This language is a little bit difficult to learn compared to C, but considering its effectiveness; it is worth your time.


Java script

Do not confuse this with Java. It is a programming language that was developed in the 90’s. it is one of the fundamental technologies on which the web as we know it is based on. JavaScript exists outside the browser as well but largely on the context of connected applications and services. The language is dynamic and it gives you the flexibility to use object-oriented programming styles as well as functional and imperative ones.


There you have it. If you want to experience how it feels like to develop your own software, you can start by learning these languages and before you know it, you will be a tech guru.